The meaning of Life is to find your gift. The purpose of Life is to give it away……..And that’s exactly how The Just Smile Project came about.

We all live in an amazing world where everyone is unique. Some people have different struggles to overcome and no matter what differences they may have we All have ONE thing in common……and that is……We ALL Deserve to Smile! A Smile is something that makes people feel good. It can make a bad day turn into a great one!

My name is Joseph Michael McGahan. I am a Professional Photographer and founder of The Just Smile Project. I am extremely lucky to have a passion that I was able to turn into a full time career. I truly love to wake up everyday knowing that I am going to photograph and touch someone’s life. Growing up with family members with special needs and trying to photograph them wasn’t an easy task. They never could or have had that “True photo shoot experience” of going to a professional photo studio. This is because photographers, back in the day, didn’t have the knowledge or the understanding of special needs clients or the right equipment to accommodate and acclimate to their special need, and most of all the PATIENCE!

Just Smile Project is a Non-Profit organization that focuses on photographing people with special needs at very little to no cost at all to the person and their families. Our goal is to make happy memories because everyone needs to Smile. We make it easy and hassle free by coming to you in our Mobile

Portrait Studio Truck equipped with a lift for special needs assistance. The Truck is also equipped with different types of lighting for sensory situations of special needs.

Just Smile Project wants everyone to share their smiles despite any struggles. We make them feel like a “Rockstar” and to see their faces light up with excitement and joy is the BEST feeling anyone can ever experience especially the “Rockstar” Just Smile Project wants everyone to cherish those memories forever. Which is worth the world!

If you have a family member or know of someone with special needs and think they would LOVE to have Just Smile Project capture their AWESOME Smile? Please contact us at:

888~294~7575 or visit us online at:

To keep Just Smile Project at no cost to the families we are always in search for donations and sponsors. If you would like to donate or become a sponsor for Just Smile Project please call 516-375-4005

Just Smile Project Mission